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Welcome everyone to the beginning of another year of surfing enjoyment with the Sawtell Boardriders.
At this point in time we have 25 Micro groms signed up, with 23 of them surfing in the first contest in January.
A big welcome to new Recruits – Toby Couper, Finn Bath, Iggy & Busby Hibbard, Blake Carter and Archer Moore.
Oh… and Piper O’sullivan ( nearly missed her J )
Good luck this year kids.
But don’t forget, that it’s not just about winning contests…. it’s about enjoying yourself………Unless you win J
Last year there was a great battle for the main prize, which was taken out by the giant Killer Fletcher O’Sullivan ( otherwise known as David )
That battle has started again, and there are one or 2 new players in the race… so Boys AND Dads… Bring Your A-Game.
There was not much option for us, but to do the familiar trek down to the island, and although it was mostly closeouts,
there was the odd wave with a bit of a face on it.
Congratulations to Teo, who came back with a vengeance after getting pipped at the post last year.
Second Place to Harper, surfing well on his new board, which was home delivered, late at night, by Old Mate from the North Pole.
Toby Couper took out 3rd, with some great surfing, and definately a Dark Horse this year.
Teo, Harper and Toby, will be this months special guests with Caspian, for a free surf lesson with Sawtell Surf School !!!
Special mention to Kai, who was the only Micro to surf on his own ( and gets a point added to his score ) but managed only one wave in the tough conditions.
You have learnt a lesson already Kai .. ALWAYS get at least 2 waves !, No matter how crappy the second one is, because anything is better than nothing J
Big thanks to all the helpers, especially Adam Bennett who experienced the brain numbing effect, that, scoring multiple Micro Grom heats, one after the other has.
Apart from that, everyone had fun.
See you all again next month.

1 – Teo
2 – Harper
3 – Toby
4 – Fletcher
5 – Maddi Clarke ( well done Maddi J )
6 – Cooper
7 – Nick
8 – Arlo
9 – Taylor
10 – Isla
11 – Coco
12 – Eden
13 – Julian
14 – Kai
15 – Lilly
16 – Iggy
17 – Ollie
18 – Blake
19- Layla, & Busby
20 –Finn
21 – Archer & Piper

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